David Hollington

Animals and birds are messengers, healers and protagonists within the narrative structure of my paintings.

The drawing process is closely connected to forms of Shamanism where a channel is opened between the human and animal worlds. There is a lack of control and a looseness during this state,objects and forms that are undetermined shift and change shape until a message is received and understood.At this point a key animal will materialise,usually one of my trinity of a fox, a hare and a barn owl. Once the pivotal animal is in place then the stage is set for human figures or deities, Hindu or Celtic to interact with them. The deity reflects both my Scottish origins and my life long fascination with Indian mysticism.When all the elements have locked into place I begin to see in colour and sense what time of day the story is taking place.

Folklore, songs and myths have a huge influence and create a contextual framework around the more mutable elements involved in creating each painting.

Recently a larger spectrum of British garden birds have been introduced into my visual vocabulary. Everything that happens in my studio is a direct response to the life outside it,be that birds and foxes teaming in my garden or travel in wild or mystical countries such as Iceland,Ireland and India.

If there is a larger, overriding theme in my work that would be the need to listen to and nurture the natural world,there is a fine balance and humanity can be responsible for tipping the scales.

An animal or bird is loaded with many more meanings than I can bring to its ancient shape, it becomes a cipher once it has left my hands and alchemically, it is hoped,opens a new frequency with the viewer.

CV and Exhibitions

Training and Education 

BA Hons Illustration,   Harrow School of Art,   London        1988-1991
Post Graduate Communication Design, Distinction,   Central St Martins College of Art and Design,   1991-1993
MA Communication Design, Distinction,   Central St Martins College of Art and Design,   1993-1995

Victoria and Albert Museum ,London.     1995-1997
Institute of Contemporary Art,London.    1997-1999
L Cornelisson and Son Art suppliers London  1988-2005
Arch One Picture Framing/Store Street Framing  2005-2016

Mixed shows 

Gallery Artist,   Rowley Gallery London,        2008-2016
Gallery Artist,   Rebecca Hossack Gallery London,    2009-2011
Open Artists Group   1997-1999
Hexagon Group Artists show    Espacio Gallery Shoreditch London. 2015
Migrations , Gallery 54 Shepherds Market London , 2018

Solo Shows

Animal Messengers,   Lauderdale House Highgate,   2009
St Kilda,St Krishna,   Lauderdale House Highgate,   2010
Apocalypse of Love,   Lauderdale House Highgate,   2013
Stay for the Rain,   Penny Fielding Gallery Walthamstow,   2013
Fierce Symmetry/Dear Zeus,   Lauderdale House Highgate,   2014
Ear To The Ground  , 2017 , La Macchina Fissa, Mantova,Italy

Central St Martins College of Art and Design 1995